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"The one-stop-shop to all your favourite beach chic essentials.
Our pieces are hand-painted for you, and made Only With Love"

Our Story


Owl by Dowlani is a print and pattern house by Nikita Dowlani, a London College of Fashion & Central St Martins Alumni. Nikita specialised in print and textiles as a Fashion student during her time in London and developed a keen interest in bringing fun and colourful prints back into our daily lives.

Owl looks at creating a world of colour and luxury that is accessible to everyone. Our products brighten and bring our clients to life, creating a striking yet effortless presence. We aim to produce garments of the highest standard for our customers, not just in quality of the construction but within the design itself. We bring you fun yet sophisticated printed textiles and apparel that take you on a cheerful adventure.  

What sets us apart here at Owl is that we pride ourselves on our original prints and colours, all these prints are personally designed and meticulously hand-drawn by Nikita personally. The concept of the label is built around the fact that we are selling a lifestyle, not a product.  Here at Owl our focus has and will always remain on the artwork itself, which is why we focus on printing our unique and handcrafted designs on simple and classic shapes, allowing the artwork to shine. Each collection of artwork is based on a different social issue we face in our world today. We use bright colours and intricate details to tell a story through our prints in the hope that it captures the attention of our customers and brings light to the matter at hand. The aim is to create awareness through our art in order to work towards a better world. We are a joyful and empowering Pattern house that marries inspiration with purpose.

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Only With Love, 

 Nikita Dowlani